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  • Chefona Foods Pillow Snacks are a crunchy and delicious gluten-free snack with a natural hazelnut & chasew or strawberry-flavoured filling. Each light and crispy pillow is made with rice and corn flour, and with hazelnut or strawberry that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Perfect for breakfast, mid-morning breaks, lunch boxes, gym bags and desk drawers, the fun pillow snacks are individually packaged in a pre-portioned pack that is great for snack drawers and is easy and convenient for even little hands to carry. And if you can’t wait until snack time, we recommend emptying a bag into your favorite bowl and adding ice cold milk for a filled cereal treat – go ahead, enjoy!

  • We understand how important it is to know what is in your food and are transparent about our ingredients for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. These pillow snacks are gluten-free without compromising texture or flavor, as well as being cholesterol free, trans fat free and low in sodium. Our pillow snacks are supplied in recyclable packaging.

  • These Chefona foods filled pillow corn snacks have been handpicked to ensure the best quality, flavour, and ingredients for the whole family.

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